Oh and for the anon about the borderline,

I have every sympthom of it.

Anoniem was like: I love these 'days without you' series, please keep doing it, 

I will bby. Thank you so much.

Anoniem was like: What is borderline personality disorder, please explain it and what you know, and how much of it you actually HAVE 

Very hard mood swings. I can go from ’ omg I can fight the whole world ’ to ’ I cant do this anymore I am going to kill myself ’ in just a few seconds. I think in black and white to everyone and eveythin it’s never grey. The person I love can be for me my beautiful everything, or in a few seconds he or she can be a worthless human to me. (Moodswings on people). I push people away and I take them with me. Threating with suicide. Manipulating. Panic/paranoid thoughts/attacks, fits of rage. Very hard problems to deal with emotions. Things attack me harder than it will be for normal people.

There is just some few more things. You can search it up on google maybe. Its hard tk explain.


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how I would love to have your blood on my T shirt.