i-shouldnt-exist was like: I feel so uncomfortable in my body like I feel like its nt even me I shouldnt look like this everyone tells me Im skinny I look great but I just can understand n I feel like no one listens and Im alone and I just want to cut again n I dont know what to do Ive been clean for 1 month and for awhile it got better then went down hill it kills my boyfriend when I cut and it's killing me I feel alone an like no one cares and Im 5:5 and weigh 137 I can't do this I don't know what to do anymore 

There’s nothing wrong with your body. It’s about thee size of your heart and not your body. And even thought, how bigger the body, how more there’s to love about you, right? You always will have us

Anoniem was like: I cut again.... I heard my skin tear... It's deep and it opens and closes, it won't stop bleeding, but u don't think it's bad enough for medical attention. I'm in anti depressants for a while now but inside me I feel worse I'm so happy around people but when I'm alone I scream and cry and cut into my skin all over. 

I really think you need to go to a doc for your cut :( it sounds like its really deep :(

Anoniem was like: I'm planning to kill myself soon. I don't know how to stop myself. It will be my 6th attempt I think. I know you stopped yourself, how did you do it? 

I actually don’t know.. I just try to live until next weekend because maybe then it will be better, so I think it’s kind of a hold on. And you need it as well, like your dreams. You should die with memories and not dreams. Pls don’t do it, npt again :(

I swear I get motherfucking crazy :s

Anoniem was like: I'm a very depressed person and u try to hide it with being happy all the time. But when I'm alone and behind closed doors I cry myself to sleep. I hate living I don't want to be here and people don't understand that I do cut a lot and I'm trying not to but I just can't help myself I just want someone to help me. 

You hould tell someone you can trust , or sn phychologic. Because you really need the help. I do not want you to feel like this anymore…