Anoniem was like: Hi,let me warn you about some trolls/hackers in tumblr,one of them is: wherethehippiesplay ,they bullied my friend askrockthundermare which deactivated((<please do not tagg this post>))And you just shall be careful,don't follow random girls/people They also hack you,bully you,they try their best to make you feel suicidal Spread the word--- 


Anoniem was like: You're amazing and your blog helps me a lot. Don't listen to the people who don't even have the guts to turn off anon before sending hate. Stay strong <3 

You are amazing

Anoniem was like: So I just met this girl on facebook. And I really like her. We are actually going out, but she lives to far away... is there hope for us?... 

If the love is real and strong enough: YES !

stylesanddepression was like: Hi do you know how I can get my terminated acc back? I'm so sad since it got terminated 

I think you can’t have it back

Anoniem was like: I'm the same girl who asked about the advice for a guy, you said to hang out, he doesn't live near me. 

Call with him a lot

Anoniem was like: How would you kill yourself? 


Anoniem was like: do you believe in long distance relationships? 

Yes for sure

Anoniem was like: I want to be dead. It's all I think about. When I sit I just think of how I can kill myself with the things around me. It's terrible my boyfriend doesn't know. My parents don't care. I'm so alone and just want to be gone forever. 

Tell your boyfriend. His support he hopefully will give can might help you. And search help by a psychologist. You need it

Anoniem was like: hey, I need advice on a guy, he is so perfect to me and for me and he says he likes me, is there anyway I can get him to take the relationship farther? bc I can't get him out of my head. 💛 

Go hang out with him few times, then the love will grow !

demons1always1watch was like: what is your favorite book you've ever read ? 

I never read so idk :(

Anoniem was like: What's the weirdest thing you've ever done? 

Idk. I think that i once sprayed parfum in my drink, because I had heard you can get drunk from parfum.


"I told people about us. I told them we were different. That we were special. But still they didn’t understand. Stupid."
- R.R.
"I was happy. As long as I had you by my side."
- R.R.